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We have simple rules: Be nice. Job adverts go in #feeding-the-family. No warez. Have fun. Ask anything. Be nice.

Current Channels on

  • #15000push-ups Push-up challenge to complete 15000 from October 2018 until February 2019. (283)
  • #40daychallenge 40 day running challenge from 10th August to 18th September 2018. Those who completed received a free copy of our Java Design Patterns Course. (50)
  • #android Android specific Java discussions. (462)
  • #architecture Connect the right boxes with the right lines (185)
  • #collections java.util.collection, Eclipse collections and related utility classes for holding objects (831)
  • #concurrency Discussions about Java concurrency, finding race conditions, deadlocks, starvation, etc. (1079)
  • #conferences Speaking and attending all the awesome Java conferences out there: Devoxx, Voxxed Days, Java2Days, JFokus, Devnexus, Javazone, JCrete, JAX, JAX Finance, W-JAX, J-Fall, Geecon, Javaland, and so many others (508)
  • #courses Discussions and questions about Java training by The Java Specialists (7091)
  • #design-patterns Gang of Four and other design patterns relevant to Java. (359)
  • #entrepreneurially How to live entrepreneurially (20)
  • #feeding-the-family Job offers, contracts, buying and selling, anything to keep shoes on our kids. (716)
  • #general Any discussions about Java programming. Be nice :-) (7369)
  • #graal Discuss and share knowledge about topics like graal, graalvm, truffle, compilers, interpreters and VMs (75)
  • #happy-hour-support Technical support in case you cannot connect, have audio issues, etc. (90)
  • #heinzs-happy-hour Join us every 2nd Thursday of the month at 16:00 UTC for "Heinz's Happy Hour", where we talk all things Java. (870)
  • #helpdesk A place for Java beginners to ask questions. (698)
  • #hibernate Hibernate and JPA (121)
  • #ide-eclipse Eclipse, the best Java IDE in the world (283)
  • #ide-intellij IntelliJ IDEA, the best Java IDE in the world. (853)
  • #ide-netbeans NetBeans, the best Java IDE in the world! (98)
  • #jalba The first ever Java unconference in the Independent Republic of Scotland - (50)
  • #java-spanish Java discussions in Spanish (24)
  • #java11 (178)
  • #java12 (88)
  • #java13 (70)
  • #java14 (28)
  • #java8 Streams, lambdas, JSR310 (1137)
  • #java9 Looking forward to Java 9, with VarHandles, Jigsaw, many other cool tricks. (886)
  • #javafx JavaFx - the mystical beast that is incredibly popular amongst some small set of Java programmers (195)
  • #jcrete Public discussions around the unconferene (229)
  • #jvm-tuning Tips on the hundreds of flags available for the JVM, see -XX:+PrintFlagsFinal (556)
  • #kotlin A place to talk about Kotlin. Any kind of content / contribution is welcome at this point. (78)
  • #newsletter Discuss any newsletter from our archive going back to 2000: (7186)
  • #opensource Finding interesting open source projects to contribute to. (111)
  • #performance Java memory management, JVM tuning, optimizations, benchmarking, etc. (882)
  • #random A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels. (7204)
  • #sales-skills Programmers are typically terrible at sales, but this is a skill that we absolutely need to do well in so many spheres of our job. This is especially true of self-employed, contractors, startups and small business owners. (228)
  • #scala-lang To write code that no one can read (69)
  • #spring The amazing Spring framework (847)
  • #startups Challenges of starting your own business, from finding funding to marketing and sales. (180)
  • #tdd Test driven development (336)
  • #test Test channel - no real purpose (165)

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