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The Company

The JavaSpecialists was founded in 1998 to offer expert Java consulting and contracting services. In 1999, we began teaching Bruce Eckel's "Hands-on Java" Course in Cape Town, South Africa. Later in 1999, we were asked to offer consulting services to an ERP company in Germany. In 2000, we began publishing The Java™ Specialists' Newsletter. In 2001 we started writing and teaching our own Java courses. Since 2006, we have been mainly operating in Europe and North America.

Why Choose JavaSpecialists?

  1. Our Trainers: The single biggest reason. Our Java trainers have real-life practical experience in the Java technology they are teaching. Which means they pass on that experience and students can get the answers they need - no matter how tough.
  2. Successful Programmers: Our course structure and programmer feedback let us know we are consistently producing more productive Java Programmers - see Testimonials.
  3. Happy Companies: Over 18 years and across 6 continents. Our clients include investment banks, large tech companies and everything in between. 90% of our business is still repeat business and referrals.
  4. Relevant Content: Small but vital component. Skills are based on "practical day-to-day application" that make better real-world programmers that benefit the companies they work for.

Java Training

We deliver relevant courses, by top Java developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations.

Java Consulting

We can help make your Java application run faster and trouble-shoot concurrency and performance bugs...