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"Great course material and great instructor. Keep your mind turned and tuned." - Cindy Z. (North Star Utilities)

"Every Java(nist) should visit JavaOne and attend JavaMaster course :) in his life :)" - Pedro (Roche)

"This is a great course for anyone working in Java. After taking this course I feel that my Java knowledge is more rounded through the broad range of topics that were covered. I've learned many of the latest API enhancements for addressing some of the old challenges. I've also filled in a lot of blanks in some topic areas and in other cases learned entirely new topics. Heinz is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and is very good at mixing lecture time with effective labs and a healthy dose of humour. Enjoy!" - (Anonymous)

"I would recommend this course for every experienced java programmer who wants to take a deep dive into advanced topics of Java language. During the course each topic is clearly explained and supported by adequate examples and often by hands-on labs which I found very practical." - Krzysztof Koziol (Roche)

"This is one of the most in-depth course that I've been taking, and one that I will surely go back to often in my daily Java programming duties." - Sebastien Dubois (Ericsson)

"Only course out there that actually teaches something new. All other Java courses offered in the area are too basic for our needs." - Alexandra U. (Government of Canada Employee)

"A very helpful course for a senior Java developer." - Xiaoping J. (Canadian Internet Registration Authority)

"The exercises were really good. Hard sometime but really interesting. Nothing better than practice. Thank you. The performance part and demonstration was really good!" - Marie-France G. (Government of Canada Employee)

"The provided exercise skeletons helped a lot with working on problems right away." - Benoit L. (Bridgewater Systems)

"Great technical course." - Guillaume C. (Public Service Commission)

"Code provided for exercises saved time to concentrate on interesting parts. " - Adam F. (National Research Council of Canada)

"This course was very helpful. The information obtained will be put to use to make myself and my colleagues better Java developers." - Brad F. (Research in Motion)

"Last week I attended Dr. Heinz M. Kabutz' Java Specialist Master Course, which my employer held as an on-site course. I strongly recommend this course if you're fluent in Java, but want to take it one step further or remind yourself of some of the advanced features or intricacies." - Asgeir Storesund Nilsen (Schlumberger)

"I took the course in March of 2009 in Ottawa and am still using the tips and tricks to improve my code performance. Easily the most useful course I ever attended!! Excellent overview of Java, well taught, the best course that I ever attended." - Carol Serroul (National Research Council of Canada)

"Very interesting course. The contents are very near by real programmers life. The course itself was hold in a very professional and also funny way." - Thomas Bosch (codecentric AG)

"A fantastic course that will explain you why Java behaves like it does, and how you can effectively use it." - Fabian Lange (codecentric AG)

"Java Specialist Master course is an excellent Java training from Dr Heinz Max Kabutz . Learned so much in 4 days full of contents (More than 1000 slides) with Lots of exercises. Dr Heinz Max Kabutz have an excellent interpersonal and presentation skills." - Santhosh Anto (Arbitron)

"Definitely worth it: even if you are a senior Java developer, you will be challenged. Topics are all very relevant to our everyday work in Java and this course represents the chance to learn important details and advanced items, which you rarely have the chance or the time to either get to know, or fully address while you are working." - Massimo Calderoni

"Excellent overview of Java, well taught, the best course that I ever attended." - Dr. Rosemarie D. (Varial)

"It is an excellent course and as a manager I can definitely see why every employee (managers included) should go on a course like this before they start any project in Java." - Sakkie Nel, Product Development Manager (Spescom DataVoice)

"Lots of programming experience, lots of ability, lots of humour, lots of humility - that is Heinz." - Marina S. (Varial)

"Thanks for this motivating week to improve my Java skills. I would absolutely recommend this for beginners and also advanced users. You will see how fascinating Java can be." - Daniel B. (Varial)

"What a splendid way to convert a VB lover. The course helped me to see the light in a never ending tunnel." - JC van Schalkwyk (CyberSim)

"This definitely was the best course I have yet attended for any programming related technology. Heinz really helped me understand the technology instead of just introducing me to it (as is the case with most other courses out there). With the benefit of hind sight we all agree that this course definitely was the best solution for our company." - Jaco K. (CyberSim)

"I attended your Design Patterns course which you held for us at the Prism Cape Town office some 2 years ago. I thought that your course was excellent, and I have been using patterns in my work ever since (as well as campaigning the worth of using design patterns to my colleages). " - Oliver Gardner (Prism)

"I was pleasantly surprised to recognise these Design Patterns in my day-to-day work." - Michael M. (Alcatel Austria)

"The examples were very similar to what I experienced in real life, since the course was presented by someone who has practical experience with software development in Java. You can rely on the suggestions - they really work!" - Dagmar J. (Varial)

"This course will teach you what every programmer, who is serious about working with Java, should know." - Anonymous (Varial)

"The course was extremely interesting, informative and has shown me deep insights. Brilliantly done!" - Uwe R. (Varial)

"Even if this sounds like a paradox, but there was an excellent balance between the theory of Design Patterns and their practical, day-to-day application." - Anonymous (Varial)

"A fantastic course!" - Anonymous (Varial)

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