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This is a non-technical talk, but very relevant if, like me, you travel a lot. None of the links on this page are linked to any sort of affiliate scheme. Still, expect the advice to be biased by my own experience. Enjoy :-)

  • Peter Carruther's Business Warriors - a group of enthusiastic business owners that get together once a week to listen to Peter's wisdom. Pete also sends us an inspirational email every morning to teach us to be better at sales. His tips doubled my sales in 2015. He joined us for JCrete® 2015.
  • SuperDuper! - makes a bootable clone of your disk. Excellent insurance in case of catastrophic loss of your machine.
  • LaCie Rugged Mobile Storage - yeah, ok. Don't forget that the rubber covering around the corners won't really protect your drive. The one I held up was broken. So you'll want at least two of these. One for your checked luggage, in case some guy in Prague takes your laptop bag (by mistake) and one for your laptop bag, in case you forget your laptop in the seat pocket in front of you and your checked luggage is lost (happened to me once too in Vienna). Actually, TBH I prefer the Western Digital My Passport Ultra for its form factor. It is much smaller than the LaCie Rugged and I can slip it into my jeans pocket when traveling. Plus, I just tried, and both of my WDC drives that I bought a long time before the LaCie still actually work ;-)
  • The Tile - a bluetooth tracker that you can attach to anything to tell you where it can be found at all times. Not completely novel concept, but well executed. Others in the tile swarm can help you find your lost item. Probably not that useful in Chorafakia :-)
  • Antifragile - an excellent book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb on how to survive whatever the universe throws at you.

Special thanks to the amazing staff at the Vienna International Airport Fundbüro who skipped their lunch break to get my laptop back to me, in time to get to the talk in Graz.

Java Tutorial 005 - Survival Guide For Stupidity - How I kept my cool when I lost my $4000 laptop

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