Heinz's Happy Hour

Join us every 2nd Thursday of the month at 17:00 UTC for "Heinz's Happy Hour", where we talk all things Java. You will learn:

  1. Tips and tricks of Java programming
  2. How to use IntelliJ IDEA to program faster and with more ease
  3. Clever design patterns to ease reuse
  4. Algorithms and data structures
  5. Consulting tips and practices

Participation is free. Session recordings will be available for purchase afterwards.

These sessions will be on an intermediate to advanced level of skill. Beginners are welcome to join, but will have to promise to work hard to keep up :-)

We will discuss each webinar in our Slack channel #heinzs-happy-hour, before, during and after the event. When you sign up, we will also automagically add you to our Slack team.

Please sign up here:

(We reserve the right to change the dates / times / etc. or cancel the series altogether if there is not enough interest.)

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